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What Is the Difference Between a Black Car Service & a Limousine Service?

These days, you have many more options when it comes to getting into a car driven by someone else and going to the destination of your choice. The ubiquitous taxi cab has now also been flanked by pricier black car services, limousine services, and even ordinary people like you, hiring out their own time and cars through ride-sharing service like Uber.

But for a more “expensive ride,” most of us will think of black car service and limousine service. But is there actually a difference? The answer to that question is a definite “yes,” and in more ways than you might expect.

The Corporate Structure


First, let’s go behind the scenes and look at one of the biggest organizational differences: the way these companies work. A black car service is, in general, similar to a premium taxi cab service. The drivers may be independent, and even own their vehicles, and there are many of them signed up for a particular black car service. So this means when you call and make a request for a black car service, you generally aren’t sure of what you’re going to get until it shows up.

A limousine service, on the other hand, tends to work more like an old-fashioned, chauffeured service. There is a fleet of vehicles that are kept on hand and professionally maintained. Specific vehicles can be requested by need and can take on more complex transportation requests, whereas a black car service is more commonly used for point-A-to-point-B trips, such as from home to the airport.

Vehicles Offered


A black car service usually consists of a black town car, ordinarily something in the line of a four-door sedan. The exact make and model are strictly up to the driver who owns the car and chooses to take your job request. The condition of the car is also up to the driver, so cleanliness, maintenance, and even appearance are not standardized.

A limousine service has a variety of vehicles depending on what you need. Traditional limousines, stretch limousines, even extravagant Hummer limousines or party buses that seat 20 or more are options. These vehicles are all meticulously cleaned, maintained, and stocked with extras such as videos and beverages depending on the cars provided.

Drivers Available


Drivers who own their cars in a black car service don’t usually have any additional training or licensing certification beyond what ordinary Canadians require to get behind the wheel. Limousine service drivers, however, are trained, disciplined, appear in uniform, and get an extra level of driving and customer training to ensure that the extraordinary vehicles they operate come with an equivalent level of customer service.


So which service you require is entirely dependent on your needs. If you want something more comfortable and reliable than a cab to get down to the airport for your next trip, a black car service may be sufficient for your needs. If you want something with premium quality, try a limousine!