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Choosing the Right Airport Limo Service for Executives

While virtual meetings create an opportunity for more frequent access to key business stakeholders – even in today’s post-pandemic work world – there’s still no substitute for face-to-face meetings when it comes to fostering conversations and deepening relationships. In fact, being on the road is built into many roles and is still an expectation for everyone, from sales and consulting professionals to client service managers and CEOs.

Whether you’re the one travelling or you’re booking for a visiting executive, choosing the right airport limo service could mean the difference between a trip that piles up wins or one that’s a total washout.

The Right Airport Limo Service Provides the Creature Comforts That Executive Travellers Crave

While the public perceives business travel as loaded with perks – including first-class air travel, stays in five-star hotels and lavish dinners at the best restaurants in town – frequent flyers who take to the skies for work know the reality is not quite as glamourous and can be downright draining. Travelling day in and day out doesn’t just add mileage to points plans; it also impacts the body and mind of every traveller. Being away from friends, missing out on important family moments, defaulting on an expensive gym membership or returning to an overgrown garden after days or weeks away all take their toll.

Because comfort is crucial to executives’ health and well-being, choosing an airport limo service that provides smooth-riding, roomy and well-maintained vehicles outfitted with plush interiors is a prime consideration.

At Yorkville Limo, we select vehicles that represent the best combination of style, comfort, and reliability. To maintain the highest luxury standards for our guests, we update our selections as frequently as possible.

Pickup From Private FBO Airports is a Plus

For the uppermost echelon of executives, sometimes booking a charter jet or flying their own plane into a city makes more sense than relying on traditional air travel – even if it guarantees first-class seating.

But not every airport limo service offers pickup and delivery to every FBO airport, so before you promise your C-suite guests that a limo will be waiting on the tarmac, you’ll need to investigate and compare company capabilities.

At Yorkville Limousine, we provide pickup and drop-off services to all FBOs, including Skyservice Avitat, Landmark Aviation and Skycharter Ltd. locations in Toronto. To book an FBO pickup or drop-off, use our free quote tool or contact us at 1-888-835-8010.

Meet-and-Greet Services Allow for Seamless Transitions

Landing late at night, alone in a city they’ve never visited, or at a busy airport with a taxi line that snakes across the sidewalk is not how executive visitors like to be welcomed. Alleviate your guests’ stress and strain from the get-go by adding meet-and-greet or guest-assist options to any airport limo service you book.

Whether your visitors arrive at Billy Bishop, Toronto Pearson or a private airport, they’ll feel more relaxed knowing they have a professional with a can-do attitude at their side to help them navigate any unfamiliar territory.

Eco-Friendly Airport Limo Service Helps Achieve Corporate Sustainability Goals

Limiting the environmental impact of business travel is crucial not just for companies intent on meeting or exceeding government or customer expectations around sustainability but also for socially conscious employees looking to lower their own carbon footprints.

According to the most recent Statistics Canada 2022 data, while Canada’s transport sector was the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions – accounting for 22% of total national emissions –finding airport limo service providers that offer greener options remains a challenge, even in 2024.

Yorkville Limo is committed to the environment and is pleased to provide Lexus hybrid sedans as part of our eco-friendly airport limo service. From whisper-quiet engines to plush interiors crafted with more sustainable materials, these cars are quickly becoming the new standard for luxury travel.

Punctuality and Professionalism are Worth Their Weight in Gold

For executives with packed calendars, arriving late for meetings or flights is not an option. Because on-time pickups and drop-offs can mean landing a contract or losing it, when selecting an airport limo service, be sure to ask how a prospective provider deals with traffic delays, construction detours, unplanned engine troubles or other issues.

At Yorkville Limo, our drivers are professionally trained, know the city and its suburbs inside and out, plan possible alternate routes ahead of time, and use mobile apps and dispatcher assistance to help them avoid traffic delays. And because our vehicles are diligently maintained and inspected regularly, they rarely experience engine or other mechanical failures.

Give Your Executive Guests the VIP Treatment They Deserve

With a fleet filled with plush luxury vehicles – including eco-friendly options – professionally-trained chauffeurs and a work culture that prioritizes passenger comfort and safety, Yorkville Limousine is your best choice for executive airport limo service in Toronto.