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Use Toronto Airport Limo Services and Get Your Wedding Guests Home Safely

Unless you plan on using your patio for your nuptials or are contemplating tying the knot on another part of your home turf, you’ll likely need to order wedding wheels to transport yourself, your wedding party and your family to various locations on the big day.

Luckily, the same Toronto airport limo services you use for business and leisure travel can be hired for most of your wedding transportation needs.

Read on to find out how Toronto airport limo services can help create a stress-free flow for your momentous occasion.

Do You Really Need Toronto Airport Limo Services for Your Guests?

The goal of wedding transportation is to ensure everybody is on the same page when they need to be.

As far as the “when” is concerned, the parts of your wedding day that both you and your guests might benefit from limo services include:

  • Transportation to the ceremony venue
  • A lift to an offsite pre- or post-wedding photography location
  • A ride to the reception venue (if your ceremony and reception aren’t hosted in the same location)
  • A drop-off at your hotel accommodation or home at the end of the night
  • A trip to the airport or a private post-wedding getaway location

When it comes to the “why,” there’s a host of good reasons to consider using Toronto airport limo services, including:

  • Ensuring Stress-Free, Safe and On-Time Arrivals and Departures

Wedding planning is stressful, but your wedding day doesn’t have to be if you offer your guests the option of arriving via limo.

At a minimum, you’ll want to consider providing Toronto airport limo services for each of the marrying couple’s essential family members and their respective portions of the wedding party, as without them, your ceremony’s start time could be delayed. Because everyone will also be coiffed, made up and dressed to the nines, you don’t want all that effort undone by having guests travel in a dirty car, truck or other vehicle that suddenly loses its air conditioning or requires removing ice or snow from the windshield before setting out.

If the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t offer a shuttle service or you don’t want to pay for limos to transport the rest of your guests to and fro, your limousine provider may be able to offer a special group rate that makes arriving in a luxury van or bus an affordable alternative to driving in individual cars. Your wedding planner or Toronto airport limo services provider can help find the easiest way for guests to RSVP and pay.

Aside from avoiding traffic delays and accidents, solving for limited parking space, and assisting elderly and out-of-town guests with making their way through unfamiliar territory, because you’ll likely be providing an open or paid bar at your wedding reception, a shuttle option allows Yorkville Limo’s trained and insured professionals to act as designated drivers, so your guests can indulge, get back to their hotel or home safely, and keep the highways and byways safe for others.

Lastly, although many guests might prefer to book a taxi or rideshare at the end of the night if your reception goes until the wee hours of the morning – and we sincerely hope it does (Woot!) – it could be difficult if not impossible for diehard partiers to get back to their hotel or home without Toronto airport limo services help.

  • Utilizing Toronto Airport Limo Services to Set the Tone With a Focus on Style and Comfort

Riding in a sleek, stretch limo kitted out with a plush interior, romantic ambient lighting, and an option to sip a celebratory flute of champagne not only allows you to relax in the lap of luxury but also pampers your guests.

If your reception is at a different location than your ceremony, adding Toronto airport limo services for this transfer allows your family to dry their tears of joy and your wedding party to spiff up their tuxedos or reapply their makeup, so your head table is once again a primped and polished sight to behold.

  • Enabling Photos That Capture Perfect Moments

Engaging Toronto airport limo services not only lets you slip away to another location for more formal wedding photos but also provides the perfect setting for more natural and spontaneous shots before or after your ceremony. The moody LED lights and over-the-top interior décor in your limo will also make for instantly shareable, black and white or vibrantly-coloured social media posts.

  • Creating a Grand Exit

Whether you’re headed back to the penthouse suite of your hotel or a red-eye to Rome, saying “Ciao!” as you toss the bouquet and slingshot the garter from the open roof of your limo is the perfect way to create a getaway worth remembering!

And as the day winds down to its calm conclusion, you get to lean back, put your feet up and reflect on a day filled with love and happiness.

Eight Quick Tips for Making Your Best Wedding Day with the Help of Toronto Airport Limo Services

  • Don’t leave your wedding transportation logistics and booking until the last minute! Organize it as soon as you secure your ceremony/or reception venue – at least three to six months before your wedding date.
  • Plan for you, your family and your wedding party to each arrive early. Try for at least 15-30 minutes before your ceremony, so there’s a significant buffer between you and wedding day bad luck.
  • If you want photos from inside your limo, don’t forget to leave enough space for your photographer to capture the magic. Or at least secure them a seat!
  • If you’re paying, remind guests to RSVP for your limo shuttle service on your wedding website. Share the pickup and drop-off points and times frequently, right up to the day of your nuptials.
  • Loop in with your Toronto airport limo services provider and create a shuttle “call sheet” that contains the names of all guests who’ve RSVPed for a seat inside your limo shuttle(s). Include their pickup and drop-off addresses (if not at a central hotel) to ensure no one ends up alone and stranded on the sidewalk.
  • If you’re not paying for shuttle limos, your wedding planner or your Toronto airport limo services provider can help determine the easiest way for guests to RSVP and pay for their ride. It will be the limo company’s responsibility to create a similar “call sheet” to the one described above, but make sure your “traffic cop” (see next point) also has a copy.
  • Choose a “traffic cop” who’ll be responsible for liaising with your Toronto airport limo services provider. It’ll be their job to solve any transportation issues that may arise.
  • If gifts, oversized decorations, audio-video equipment, etc., need to travel with you, ensure your limo has enough trunk space for it all. You belong in the arms of your forever lover, not wedged between your new air fryer and the gag Drake Air Freshener your besties bought you!

Book Toronto Airport Limo Services and Say Goodbye to the Wedding Bell Blues

At Yorkville Limo, we’re pros at making people happy and can help make your wedding day a piece of cake. When it comes to solving wedding day transportation logistics, we’ve got you covered. Contact Yorkville Limo today!