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Airport Limo Etiquette: Tips for the Business Traveller

Renting your first airport limo for a big business trip or travelling with a prospective client to an important industry conference requires you to elevate your professionalism. You’ll need to have your limo etiquette down pat to do that.

Below are ten tips designed to make your ride more enjoyable and help you make a good impression on both your driver and passengers.

Book Your Airport Limo in Advance and Approve Your Quote

It’s essential for you and your airport limo provider to be on the same page BEFORE you start your business trip. If you need clarification about fees or the cost of various amenities, now’s the time to get it. Arguing about pricing in front of a client won’t score you assertiveness points. Instead, you’ll appear unprepared and possibly even cheap. It’s also a good idea to bone up on your company’s travel policies so you don’t inadvertently book vehicles or options that aren’t allowed and end up having to cover overages on your personal credit card.

You should also know that any last-minute changes to your plan – like adding another pickup or drop-off – could affect your bill and aren’t the driver’s responsibility to negotiate but rather the front office’s. When you’re back at your own office, in your hotel room or at home, you can take the time to compose an email or talk with your limo service representatives to resolve any issues. Airport limo companies appreciate return business from customers, so they’ll do their best to be as fair and accommodating as possible.

Be Ready for Your Airport Limo Pickup

Even though your airport limo driver will treat you like you’re the only customer on the day’s schedule, you won’t be. If you’re substantially late, you could affect other clients’ arrangements, and your lateness could also cost you. If you’re running late, be sure to let your airport limo provider know as soon as possible so they can decide if they need to adjust various drivers’ schedules and if extra charges are warranted.

Plan Seating for Groups or VIPs

The power seat in the limo is the middle or back right seat (depending on what type of vehicle you’re using), so you’ll want to place a VIP in that location. You should never seat them in the “jump seat” (the small folding seat behind the front seat), any seat facing backwards or a middle seat if you can help it.

Getting in and Out of Your Airport Limo

Believe it or not, there’s a right and a wrong way to enter and exit a limo.

To avoid mishaps or embarrassment:

  1. Let the chauffeur open the door for you.
  2. Sit in the first vacant seat available, then swing your legs inside for a more elegant entry.
  3. Slide or scoot along the single or row of seats until you reach your designated spot.
  4. When exiting, remain seated until the chauffeur opens your door. The last person in the limousine should be the first person out. When you exit, swing your legs out first, then stand up slowly.

This method ensures you don’t injure yourself, give your back (or butt) to your fellow passengers or hurt fellow passengers by stepping on their toes or falling across their knees.

Wear Your Seatbelt and Follow All the Usual Rules of the Road

Safety regulations for passengers – like the requirement to wear a seatbelt and not engage in reckless or drunken behaviour that could distract your driver – don’t disappear once you step inside the plush environs of an airport limo. Restrictions aren’t implemented to ruin your end-of-year sales celebrations; they simply keep the roads as safe as possible for everyone. For example, if you insist on standing instead of sitting in a stretch limo or executive bus that needs to stop suddenly, you could faceplant on the floor or your client’s lap, and nobody wants that.

And even though the law might allow it for the health and safety of passengers and drivers alike, most limousine companies in Ontario don’t allow customers to smoke ANYTHING in their vehicles.

And Speaking of Illegal Substances …

It’s illegal to possess or use illicit substances in a limousine – full stop, end of story. If you get caught breaking the law, you could face serious consequences, as could your driver and the company they represent.

Don’t Abuse Your Airport Limo Driver or Allow Clients To

In order for you to have a safe and comfortable journey, it’s crucial that everyone in the car treats your driver with respect. Anything that distracts your chauffeur could create an accident, so it’s best to keep conversations low-volume and professional. If your client gets over-served at lunch and starts spouting profanities or vulgarities – or worse yet, threatens your driver – you’ll need to diffuse the situation, or you could be held accountable as well.

If the reverse happens, and you feel your driver’s the one who exhibited the bad behaviour, the best practice is to contact the airport limo service immediately.

Only Bring Approved Food and Drinks

If you’re slated to travel over lunch or a long distance, you may want to bring items such as a charcuterie, cheese or fruit plate on board as a treat for your guests. So long as you’ve cleared them with your airport limo company beforehand, they’ll likely be perfectly fine. Consult your airport limo provider about their policies and the law regarding alcoholic drinks.

Don’t Trash Your Transportation

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t deface or damage the limo you rent. If you do, your credit card or company will be billed for any necessary repairs. In extreme cases, you could be sued.

It’s also not the limo driver’s responsibility to clean up after your trip. Keep your feet on the floor and remember to pack out what you bring in – and whether it’s a candy wrapper or an empty coffee cup – don’t hide your garbage in the seatback pockets, kick it under the seat, etc. or you could find an unanticipated cleaning charge on your final bill. Any missing items, including decorative containers or bottles, glassware or stemware, could also cost you.

Tip Your Airport Limo Driver

If you enjoyed and appreciated your driver’s service, it’s customary to tip them directly. For business travel, the standard is 15% of the rental fee, but if they supply truly stellar service, any extra percentage is up to you.

A Little Etiquette Goes a Long Way

At Yorkville Limousine, we know there’s a lot at stake when you travel for business. That’s why we offer a fleet of luxury vehicles to match your every need, plus rigorously vetted and trained drivers ready to take you where you want to go. By following the simple rules of etiquette outlined above, you’ll demonstrate professionalism, impress your clients, and ensure your trip’s success.

Contact us today to book an airport limo service. You won’t be disappointed!