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Ten Tips for Booking Toronto Airport Limo Services

Sometimes, the decision to use Toronto airport limo services is spontaneous – your trip was unexpectedly exhausting, your flight was delayed or had more turbulence than you expected, or you want to get home sooner than planned – so you wait in line and take whatever limo is lined up at the curb of your arrival terminal. While not ideal, you’re ready to gamble that things will work out ok, and hopefully, they do.

But when business, leisure or event travel demands luxury transportation that’s safe, reliable and customer-focused, pre-booking Toronto airport limo services is the way to go.

Below, you’ll find ten tips designed to make booking Toronto airport limo services a breeze.

Understand Your Needs

The details of your transportation needs will be important factors in determining the vehicle, the services you’ll require on your trip, and their cost.

Typical information Toronto airport limo services providers require include:

  • Whether the trip is for business or leisure travel or related to a special event (such as a wedding, prom, anniversary, corporate golf event, offsite, etc.)
  • If you plan on travelling solo or with a large group
  • Whether the route will be direct, require stops/pickups or drop-offs along the way.
  • If your trip involves sightseeing or other types of tours that could take several hours to complete (such as club or pub crawls, food or wine tours, sporting events, day spa visits, etc.)
  • If you’ll require luggage storage, and if so, how many pieces.
  • If you’ll need under-vehicle storage for large items (such as surfboards, marketing booth setup, signage materials, etc.)
  • Whether you’ll need car seats for infants or children
  • If you need assistance for elderly or differently-abled passengers
  • If you need to travel with a pet

Create a List of Toronto Airport Limo Services Companies

If they have experience using a limousine service, colleagues, family, and friends will all be excellent sources of referrals that can help you create a shortlist of Toronto airport limo services to compare. You’ll want to know company names, plus information on punctuality, professionalism, car cleanliness, amenities, and costs.

Social media contacts will be another source for recommendations – as will reviews on company websites – and with their combined info, you should be ready to research three to five companies online.

Evaluate the Fleet

It’s crucial that your Toronto airport limo services provider has a sufficient vehicle selection to meet your needs.

If a supplier only uses SUVs and you’ll be travelling solo for a long distance, you’ll probably be more comfortable in a sedan. Similarly, if you’re an ad agency looking to transport your entire team to a ski chalet as a reward for a stellar year, you’ll want to book a bus, not individual cars.

Do all vehicles feature airbags for each passenger or air curtains for each passenger row of seats?

And what about eco-friendly choices? If a corporate mandate or your conscience demands you opt for a vehicle that reduces your carbon footprint before booking something else, your choice of limo providers could be reduced substantially.

At Yorkville Limo, we’re sure you’ll find a vehicle that suits within our substantial fleet of luxury sedans, SUVs, stretch limos, passenger vans, and Executive 30-Passenger Limousine Busses and Lexus ES300 Hybrid sedans.

Confirm Complimentary Vs. Paid Amenities

With your travel particulars in hand and an idea of the vehicle you’ll want, now’s the time to contact the service representatives of your potential Toronto airport limo services providers.

First, you’ll want to confirm if your vehicle selection is spot on or needs adjusting. Next, you’ll need to find out if all of the services or capabilities you require are available and which are complimentary or involve charges above and beyond the base rental cost.

You’ll also want to confirm the availability of and cost for in-car amenities such as:

  • Device-charging stations or outlets
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Music
  • Newspapers or magazines

Compare Costs of Several Toronto Airport Limo Services

A spreadsheet will help you track and compare the availability and costs of various services between several Toronto airport limo services providers. However, quick scribbles on paper will also do if you’re deciding between just two or three companies.

Even if one company appears to be a clear winner, don’t forget to inquire about:

  • Advanced booking savings
  • Corporate rates
  • Discounts in slower months
  • Romance, spa, sports or other specially priced packages

Avoid Surprises and Be Aware of Extra Costs

To avoid billing surprises that could make you or your boss very unhappy, you’ll also want to uncover any hidden costs your Toronto airport limo services provider might charge for:

  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • Tips
  • Pre-or post-ride vehicle detailing or cleaning services

When everything is considered, you could find discounts or added fees that tip the scales or solidify your pick.

Inquire About Payment Methods

When it comes to payment methods, what you’re looking for is at least some flexibility regarding the ability to pay by cash, credit card, debit card, e-transfer, PayPal, etc., and whether you’ll need to pay all of the final tally upfront, or can delay a portion of your payment until the day of your pickup/or drop-off.

Confirm Licenses, Insurance, Maintenance and Inspections

It’s crucial to request actual proof (PDFs are standard) of the following:

  • Company license to operate in Toronto, Ontario
  • Chauffeur license to operate in Toronto, Ontario
  • Assurance that the driver passed a criminal background check and has the proper limousine license, professional training/or CPR/First Aid certifications.
  • Particulars of the insurance policy to ensure it covers the vehicle, its driver and all passengers and belongings.
  • Assurance of timely vehicle maintenance and inspection


Carefully review the terms and conditions of your final Toronto airport limo services provider’s contract to understand what you can expect from them as a company, your responsibilities as a client, and the policies for disputes, cancellations and refunds.

Get Written Information on Typical Procedures

Your last job is to ensure you’re familiar with the standard requirements and procedures for:

  • Pickup and drop-off (remember to ask for your driver’s name and the number and license plate of the vehicle they’ll be driving)
  • Confirming your booking
  • Dealing with flight delays
  • Contacting your limo driver – and, if applicable – finding and meeting them for the return portion of your trip
  • Contacting the company’s 24/7 customer service line

Book Toronto Airport Limo Services With Yorkville Limo

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