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How to Sleep Comfortably in a Black Car Service

Business travel can be physically exhausting. You may have to stay up late beyond your usual bedtime, wake up early the next morning to catch a flight, or travel across multiple time zones between different continents. Sleep becomes such a rare commodity when you are a busy business traveller on the go.

If you are deprived of sleep in your corporate travels, you may feel averse to driving a car on your own. Instead, many business travellers choose to hire a professional black car service to transport them around the city. This personal driver will take care of all the navigational responsibilities. You can simply sit back, relax, and catch up on some precious sleep during the car ride.

However, it can be quite difficult to sleep comfortably in a moving car. Since you have restricted mobility in the car seat, it is tough to find a comfortable spot to relax your body. If you fall asleep in an awkward position, you may end up with neck pain or a sore back. To avoid these problems, below are some tips that demonstrate how to sleep comfortably in a moving car:

1. Get a comfortable pillow

Get a comfortable pillow

Many people find it difficult to sleep comfortably in a moving car because there is nowhere to rest their necks. Since we aren’t accustomed to sleeping with our necks in an upright position, this could lead to muscle pain and stiffness after an extended amount of time. Sleeping with a neck pillow should solve this problem once and for all. If you don’t have enough space for a neck pillow in your luggage, look for an inflatable version that can shrink in size.

Similarly, our backs may feel strained after a short nap in a moving car. There are back support pillows that can help you improve your posture and comfort while you sleep. Simply place the pillow behind your back before you drift off to sleep. As a substitute, you may also use a small cushion or even a bag with some folded clothes.

2. Lean against the side of the car

Lean against the side of the car

Some people struggle to sleep in a moving car unless they find a comfortable position to rest their heads. A popular method is to lean against the side of the car, usually with a pillow under the head. This is an effective way to sleep comfortably in a moving car, since the muscles of your neck won’t have to support your head as you are napping.

3. Adjust the car temperature

Adjust the car temperature

During the warmer or colder months, you may feel some discomfort because it is either too sizzling hot or too freezing cold outside. This could deter your ability to fall asleep in a black car service. If this is the case, ask your driver to adjust the car temperature to an optimal setting. Keep in mind that the outdoor temperature will fluctuate throughout the course of the day, so the temperature settings may need to be adjusted accordingly.

In general, cooler temperatures tend to help our bodies relax and fall asleep more easily. If you can set the car temperature a little lower, it should help you sleep comfortably inside the car for a longer amount of time.

4. Bring a blanket

Bring a blanket

During winter, your body will need a while to warm up if you spent a lot of time in the cold. It can be difficult to fall asleep in the car right away because your body temperature is just too low. In order to warm up, you can wrap yourself in a cozy and snug blanket. A cotton blanket is especially helpful, since it helps to regulate the temperature of your body as you sleep.

5. Wear comfortable clothing

Wear comfortable clothing

The best way to fall asleep in a moving car is to make yourself comfortable, especially with the clothes that you’re wearing. Obviously, you won’t be able to change into your pyjamas, but wearing loose clothing will increase your comfort significantly. Try taking off your jacket, unfastening your tie, and unbuttoning your shirt if it helps to make the clothing more comfortable.

In addition, your shoes may have an impact on how comfortable you are, especially if you are wearing high heels. If your feet are hurting, politely ask the driver whether it is okay to take off your shoes for the duration of the car ride. Even if you don’t take off your shoes, you can at least try loosening the laces to feel more comfortable.

6. Bring a sleep mask

Bring a sleep mask

If you’re trying to sleep in a moving car during the day, closing your eyes will not be enough to block out the sunlight. A sleep mask is useful in these scenarios. Once the sleep mask is on, your senses will adapt to the darkness instead of being reminded that you’re sitting inside a car. This will help you fall asleep more easily.

The challenge will be to find a comfortable sleep mask that fits you properly. Some sleep masks may slide down if they are too big, so make sure you pick the right size.

7. Wear earplugs or headphones

Wear earplugs or headphones

Some people find it difficult to fall asleep in a noisy environment. A pair of earplugs will do the trick. Since they reduce ambient sounds, the earplugs should help you sleep without being disturbed by the sound of traffic. If you don’t like wearing earplugs, you could try the noise-cancelling headphones instead.

Listening to music can also help you fall asleep in a car. Make a dedicated playlist of songs or instrumental music that you can listen with your headphones. The goal is to pick calm and soothing melodies that will put your mind at rest during the car ride.