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5 Benefits of Using an Airport Car Service for Travellers

You’ve got places to go and people to see. Whether it’s a coast-to-coast business trip with stops in every province and territory or a getaway with your besties, using an airport car service to take you to and from the airport is the only way to fly.

There are plenty of benefits of booking an airport car service for your next trip, but the top five in our books are:

An Airport Car Service Ensures Peace Of Mind And A Stress-Free Start To Your Trip

Whether you’re the best man at your friend’s destination wedding or the keynote speaker at your industry’s big annual conference, the last thing you want to be doing the day before you travel is calculating how much time you’ll need to get to the airport, and what your Plan B will be if you encounter a hiccup along your route.

And it’s not just the journey to the airport that can be tortuous. With long lines at check-in kiosks and delays during security practically guaranteed, arriving late isn’t an option, as missing your flight could leave you scrambling to rebook a costly replacement – if you can find one at all.

When you book airport car service with Yorkville Limo, we’ll help you structure your trip so you arrive with plenty of time – not only to check in and make your way through security – but also to look for bargains in the duty-free shops or grab a latte in the executive lounge.

An Airport Car Service Puts an End to Parking Headaches

Not only is airport parking expensive, but it’s also almost always a giant hassle. First, you need to find a spot. If you choose outdoor parking because it’s better for your budget and the weather decides not to cooperate – even if you’re close to a link train – your spiffy new custom suit could suffer catastrophic water damage, and your rock-solid high heels could suddenly be down for the count.

If you opt for covered garage parking, what you’ll want is a spot that’s on the same floor as the bridge to your terminal and as close to the entrance as possible. What you’ll likely get instead is frustrated as you circle round and round and up and down in search of a space that was taken hours ago.

Book airport car service with Yorkville Limo and take parking perils out of the picture with reliable, on-time delivery straight to your chosen terminal and airline gate.

An Airport Car Service Guarantees Luxurious and Spacious Vehicles to Match Your Style and Needs

Yorkville Limo’s fleet has a vehicle to suit no matter how many passengers are in your party or how much luggage you’re packing. From svelte black Cadillac or Mercedes sedans ideal for two to three passengers and shiny SUVs, vans and busses made to make large groups feel at home to luxuriously appointed stretch limos and environmentally-friendly hybrid sedans – the choice is yours.

Safety and Security is a Priority for Airport Car Service Providers

The safety and security of every passenger and the goods they’re transporting is the number one priority of every driver at Yorkville Limousine. Unlike the driver of your favourite rideshare app, all our drivers pass an extensive criminal background check before they’re hired. Once they are, they still don’t take to the road until they’ve completed courses that focus on driver and passenger safety as well as other topics, including:

  • First aid and CPR
  • Municipal driving codes
  • Regulations that apply specifically to limousines
  • Practicing professionalism as a driver

Yorkville Limo also inspects, repairs and maintains its vehicles so they’re ready no matter the weather. That means you’ll have precise climate control all year round for an AC-cooled interior in the summer and a not-too-hot, warm interior in the winter. Plus, your ride will be outfitted with the appropriate tires for the season.

Lastly, every car and driver in our fleet is covered under a blanket fleet insurance policy that protects not only our vehicles and drivers in the event of an accident but also our passengers. If you’re involved in a fender-bender or a more serious accident while travelling in a taxi or rideshare vehicle – if your taxi isn’t up to date on their commercial taxi insurance or your rideshare app doesn’t provide adequate coverage – unless you have auto insurance with accident benefits of your own, you could be on the hook for substantial medical and liability costs until and if you’re able to recoup them through time-consuming and costly lawsuits.

An Airport Car Service Provides Cost-Effective, Flat-Fee Rates

Add up all the costs of using your own car or taking a taxi or rideshare to the airport – including lost time and productivity plus added worry and stress – and you’ll be surprised how affordable airport car services really are. Enjoy reasonably-priced fixed rates and VIP treatment that make travelling to and from Toronto’s airports a relaxing and enjoyable experience, no matter how early you embark or how late you land.

Book airport car services with Yorkville Limousine and get away for business or pleasure without a care in the world.