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Town Car vs. Uber – Which is Better?

Uber is the ride-sharing transportation and tech company that grew out of California back in 2009, and since then the company has cropped up in just about every major city in the United States and Canada, including Toronto. Uber has many appeals, but when you’re looking for a safe, reliable, and professional ride from one place to another, how does it stack up against a car service in Toronto?


Addressing Safety Concerns


Did you know that just about any person can become an Uber driver in Canada? There are very few requirements a prospective driver has to meet to start driving with Uber, including having a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and no criminal record. When you hire a limo or town car service, on the other hand, the driver is guaranteed to have been thoroughly vetted by the company, will have undergone a special limousine training course, and will meet other strict criteria that are required of Ontario limo drivers.


Comfort and Luxury Will Also Vary Drastically


Because nearly anybody can drive for Uber, there’s no telling what kind of car will arrive to pick you up after you place your order. While you could get a smooth, comfortable, and new ride, you could also end up hopping into an older and poorly maintained vehicle that isn’t comfortable and isn’t guaranteed to make the trip. Town car service fleet cars, on the other hand, are well-maintained, and that means your ride will always be clean, comfortable, reliable, and professional.


Comparing the Costs of an Uber Versus a Town Car in Toronto


Like taxis, Uber charges by the kilometre, which can make it a very affordable option for short trips around the city. However, if you’re planning on hitting multiple destinations or have a more extended trip in mind, then a town car is a much better choice because you’ll pay a flat rate. Furthermore, Uber prices can increase throughout the day in times of high demand, so there’s no way to determine in advance what rate you’ll pay until it’s time to order your ride.


Uber Doesn’t Promise Reliability


Uber drivers aren’t bound by the same types of professional guidelines that most town car services offer, and this includes that an Uber driver can accept your request for a trip but then cancel out of the blue, potentially leaving you stranded in a time of need. With a town car service, you’re guaranteed to get from A to B when you hire the car, and this ensures you’ll make it to the airport, get to your important meeting, or be on time for your special event.


There are many reasons why people choose Uber, including that they can be an affordable and convenient solution when you need to get around town. But when you also want safety, reliability, cleanliness, and professionalism when you hire a car, then a Toronto town car service is the clear choice.