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The Canadian Limousine Regulations That Keep You Safe

Limousines aren’t just a luxurious and productive way to travel, they also are one of the safest ways to get around. Canadian limousine regulations ensure that whether you’re traveling to the airport or heading to a corporate party, you get to your destination safely and in style. When you are wondering whether to hail a taxi or hire a limousine for your night out, consider how these Canadian limousine regulations keep you and your passengers safe. 

Limousine Training Programs

If you want to hold a limousine license in the city of Toronto or many other Canadian cities, you need to successfully complete an intensive limousine training program. In Toronto, drivers are required to take a five day training class before they can ferry so much as a bag of luggage. These training programs focus on professionalism, municipal code, and the nuances of limousine regulations to keep both the driver and passengers’ safe on the road. By educating limousine drivers with in-depth training, limousine services and passengers can be sure drivers will safely and comfortably provide luxury transportation.

Strict Permits

Not everyone can drive a limousine. In addition to having a proof of work status and at least two pieces of government identification, Canadian limousine regulations require a criminal background check for all drivers. The vetting process for a limousine driver is thorough and unavoidable, ensuring that when passengers ride in a limousine, they know the person behind the wheel is responsible. In many provinces, including Ontario, it is significantly harder to establish a limousine service because the regulations are so stringent, which makes a safer environment for passengers.

Fair Fares

Global travelers know that one of the biggest annoyances when taking a taxi is the seemingly flexible fares that are charged. The same ride fare can vary wildly depending on the route, the driver, and the passenger so you never really leave a taxi feeling as though you’ve gotten a fair deal. Canadian limousine regulations require that limousine service companies provide a signed schedule of rates for all services when establishing their company. This public document ensures that all riders receive the same, fair deal in every province. If you want to get the best deal with the most stringent regulations, hire a limousine service for your next event or company meeting.

CPR/First Aid Certification

One of the most interesting Canadian limousine regulations has nothing to do with driving record but medical safety. Many provinces require limousine drivers to take First Aid and CPR training prior to getting behind the wheel. CPR and First Aid classes may not help you get to the airport any faster but in the middle of a medical emergency, seconds count and having a driver who can respond appropriately until paramedics arrive can be life-saving.

Limousine services don’t just offer luxurious comfort and first-class transportation, they offer a safer trip. Since limousine regulations are so much stricter than other forms of transportation, when you step into a professional limo, like the ones offered by Yorkville Limousine, you know that you’re not only getting transportation in a high-quality vehicle but your driver is equipped to fully perform their job during your trip. Next time you’re considering calling a cab or searching a ride sharing service, remember why limousine services offer superior service for your transportation needs.