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How to Choose a Reliable Wedding Limo Service in Oakville

It’s your big day, and everything needs to be perfect. The last thing you want is the limo failing to show up or breaking down on the road. Renting a limo may seem straightforward, and it should be when you choose the right company. Remember, not all limousine services are the same, and many are merely one man and a limo. How do you choose a reliable wedding limo service?



Start by Choosing a Local Company


Going local is important but is often overlooked. The fact is, if you’re in Oakville and you hire a limo service that’s based in Ajax, the driver is going to have a long way to travel, and anything could happen on the highway. When you choose a local company like Yorkville Limousine who specializes in servicing Oakville clients, you’ll have peace of mind that knowing we’ll get you where you need to go.



Reliable Vehicles


Yorkville Limousine has been on the scene for many years. We’re experts at ensuring your day goes smoothly. A big part of our success in building a solid reputation is the care and investment we’ve always put into our vehicles. We have an extensive fleet that we update every 2 to 4 years. Included in your vehicle options are modern sedans, SUVs, Vans, Stretch Limos and Bus Limousines. We give our clients choice as well as reliable service.



Read The Reviews


Do your research. Everyone’s a critic these days, and you can find a review about anything. Read through the reviews of different companies so you can build a picture of what they offer and the level of service you can expect.



Look for Choice


Weddings vary, and so do our services. We’ve designed four packages to suit everyone.  Choose from our Bronze Package and enjoy five hours of service with a uniformed driver and chilled champagne. Pick Silver and delight in eight hours of limousine service and champagne. Go for Gold, and you will get 12 hours, plus the champagne of course. Finally, treat yourself to our Platinum Package and really live it up. This package provides the use of a Mercedes S Class or Porsche Panamera for four hours and limousine service for up to 12 hours.



Ride and Relax


Let a professional limousine service make your big day even more memorable. Enjoy the peace of mind, comfort, and pampering of a reliable limo service like Yorkville Limousine.