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How Much You Should Tip Your Limo Driver

To tip or not to tip—that is the question. Well, actually, you already know you’re supposed to tip, so the real question, then, is how much? This question is one that many people face after hopping in a cab or renting a limo, and many wonder how much to tip chauffeurs and professional drivers. To help you navigate these waters, today we’ll discuss how much you should tip your limo driver and what you should base your tip amount on.


What Is a Standard Tip for a Limousine Driver?


Tips for limo drivers are similar to other people in the hospitality and service industries. For limo drivers, the standard gratuity is 10 to 20 percent, depending on how happy you are with the service. For instance, if your limo rental was $500, then a customary tip would be anywhere between $50 and $100.


Factors that Could Impact Your Tip


Gratuity amounts aren’t set in stone, and this is because a tip is meant to be a display of appreciation for a job well done. When somebody in the service or hospitality industry does a great job, you can say thank you with a tip. Typically, the happier you are with the service, the more you tip. Here are a few examples of outstanding limo service that might make you want to tip 20 percent or more:


  • The limo is stocked with tasty beverages and treats
  • The driver goes out of the way to be friendly and accommodating
  • There were features or amenities provided that you weren’t expecting
  • The ride was a memorable and excellent experience


What to Do When You’re Not Happy with the Service


Unfortunately, there may be instances when you’re not happy with the service you receive from somebody in the hospitality industry, and you can also reflect this in your tip. For example, if you have a limo driver who isn’t friendly, isn’t punctual, doesn’t follow the rules of the road, or is otherwise unsafe or creates an unpleasant experience, then you might choose to tip less than 10 percent. However, if you do encounter situations like this, it’s essential that you report the behaviour to the company so they can address the situation.


The next time you hire a limo, remember that it is customary to tip the driver if you received good service. The standard amount is between 10 and 20 percent, but how much you actually tip will depend on the driver, the service, and the overall experience. The better the service, the more you should tip. This additional expense isn’t included in the price of the rental, so you will have to budget for it above and beyond the cost. Just remember, too, that if you do have a bad experience with a limo driver, you can reflect this in your tip, but you can also let the limousine service know, so they have an opportunity to improve in the future.