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Ensure Luxurious Travel for Large Groups by Using a Toronto Limo Bus Service

Whether customers need a limousine for a wedding, business meeting, or a night out on the town, it is important to find a company that offers a variety of options at competitive prices.  Limousine companies typically provide options for anywhere from two to three people in a small car, up to thirty or more people in a limo bus. It’s important to consider all of your options and choose the one that best fits your needs for size and price.

Often customers with a large group of people to accommodate will utilize two separate limousines and will have to pay for each individual vehicle, meaning they won’t get to ride with their entire party.  A typical stretch limousine can seat eight to ten people, while an SUV stretch limousine can seat twelve to twenty people, but what other options are available for large parties that don’t want to rent more than one vehicle? 

Instead of getting two stretch limousines, the entire party can travel together in style in a Toronto Executive Coach limo bus that can accommodate up to thirty-two people.  Though customers might not like the sound of a bus because they are larger and aren’t considered as luxurious as a stretch limousine, you can be sure that the buses have the same level of luxury and quality offered by any other limousine, while also being able to transport your entire party in one vehicle.  Choosing the bus option could also save you money, as it may be less expensive to rent a Toronto limo bus rather than two or more smaller cars.  Plus, there is more space to move around and socialize with your group, adding comfort and space that isn’t available with a limousine.

These buses also have the capacity to carry up to fifteen pieces of luggage, so they can accommodate parties that may have to travel or who will be staying overnight in a hotel.  Rather than renting multiple airport limousines, limo buses are large and comfortable and offer luxury and custom designs, with televisions and music to make your party bus experience memorable and fun for everyone involved.  Next time a limousine doesn’t meet your needs for the number of seats, consider looking into a luxury Toronto limo bus instead of reserving two limousines.

Experience all the luxury of a stretch limousine while having the comfort of a larger size. Yorkville Limousine offers affordable solutions for large groups with their Executive Coach limo bus in Toronto. Fill in our online form to get a free limousine quote today!