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Don’t End Up In a Taxi to Billy Bishop Airport, Use Yorkville Toronto Limo Instead!

Billy Bishop Airport is quickly becoming Toronto’s main airport for business travel, but its location can be challenging to get to. Instead of getting a taxi to Billy Bishop Airport, hire the professional chauffeur services of Yorkville Limo. While hailing a taxi for Billy Bishop Airport may seem convenient, in reality, it presents problems that Billy Bishop Airport limo service does not, and it’s important that you’re aware of potential issues before assuming a taxi is an easier choice.

Issues with Taking a Taxi to Billy Bishop Airport

Relying on a Billy Bishop Airport Taxi Could Make You Late

Getting the attention of an airport taxi in Toronto can be difficult. At peak times, like the morning rush hours, during midday lunch breaks and as commuters make their way home during evening rush hours, you’re practically guaranteed to spend more time waiting than you can spare – whether you’re using your local taxi company’s app or a ridesharing service. And if, as a last resort, you take to the street when your regular Don’s taxi driver is in the middle of a shift change – even though their roof sign will be lit up – they’ll have no choice but to pass you by as they head back to the office to clock out and hand their taxi over to the driver on the next tour of duty.

It goes without saying that if you live in an area that’s too far for most downtown taxis or ridesharing vehicles to service, managing to get a taxi to Billy Bishop Airport could be out of the question completely.

On long weekends and during holidays, taxi cab and ridesharing apps will be at their busiest as well, so just making an e-booking could be difficult or delayed.

Getting to the airport on time and without worry is of utmost importance for most travellers, and waiting long periods for a taxi to Billy Bishop Airport is simply not an option for many people. And don’t forget, even after you arrive at the Billy Bishop Airport drop-off area, you’ll still need to take the ferry to the island or walk through the pedestrian tunnel. The ferry runs every 15 minutes, while the pedestrian tunnel takes about six minutes to traverse.

Unlike many cab drivers, rideshare operators or even more-or-less dedicated YTZ Airport taxi providers, our Yorkville Limo drivers know Toronto inside and out and how to get around during Toronto rush hours. They’ll work with you to create a pick-up schedule designed to get you to the Toronto Island Airport well in advance of your departure, so you’ll have more than enough time to walk or ferry your way to the airport, clear security, scope out the sales on your favourite duty-free goods, grab a coffee and get caught up on the day’s headlines – all before your boarding call sounds.

Bad Weather Can Create Extra Complications for Billy Bishop Taxi Passengers

Add wind, rain, hail, slush or snow into the equation, and aiming for an unflustered and on-time arrival by taxi to Billy Bishop becomes less and less plausible.

Book a limo in Toronto to Billy Bishop Airport, and your driver will not only be up to date on the latest weather, but they’ll also work with you to adjust your pick-up time if needed. Professional limousine vehicles are also diligently maintained and inspected regularly to ensure they are safe no matter how sloppy the driving conditions. When you get into a taxi or a rideshare vehicle, you can’t be sure the car you’re travelling in isn’t one step away from a mechanical failure, let alone ready for winter weather and outfitted with snow tires that can stop on a dime.

Your Safety Could Be At Risk if You Opt For a Taxi to Billy Bishop Airport

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, if you opt for a taxi to Billy Bishop, and your flight requires you to be out the door in the wee hours of the early morning or late at night, dragging your luggage up the street or even to the end of your driveway could put you in danger. Even worse, hauling your bag to the train or subway station in the wee hours, and then waiting to catch a cab for the last few km to the airport. So many things could go wrong in this scenario, including safety issues.

Booking a Billy Bishop Airport limo will allow you to stay inside until your chauffeur arrives, so you can spend the extra time reviewing your travel documents, reservations and meeting itinerary or just relaxing with a warm cup of tea until your Yorkville Limo driver announces their arrival. When you signal you’re ready, we’ll meet you at the door to your office or residence, take your luggage, and escort you from your door to ours so you stay safe.

And speaking of drivers, unlike the driver in your rideshare vehicle or taxi to Billy Bishop Airport, your Yorkville Limousine driver will have passed a criminal background check and completed a rigorous training program that focuses on driver and passenger safety as well as other topics, including:
First aid and CPR

  • Municipal driving codes
  • Regulations that apply specifically to limousines
  • Practicing professionalism as a driver

If You’re Not Covered for Accidents or Mishaps on the Way, the Impact on Your Business Could be Substantial

Being able to offer a fleet of vehicles with proper insurance for all cars and drivers is a prime indicator of a reputable limousine service.

A fleet of vehicles ensures that whether you’re travelling solo or taking the entire sales team along for the ride, you’ll have a selection of cars, vans, SUVs, and buses to make your trip as comfortable as possible. A fleet also signals that the company you’re dealing with is successful enough to both acquire and maintain their vehicles.

Proof of fleet insurance provides even more assurance of a transportation company’s commitment to professionalism, and any reputable limo service should be able to produce and discuss its insurance policy with you upon request. Insurance policies protect drivers from liability issues – such as an accident caused by another driver – but they also protect passengers. A reputable limo service will always have proper insurance coverage in place so that both drivers and passengers are always protected.

If your Billy Bishop Airport taxi isn’t up to date on their commercial taxi insurance for Toronto or your rideshare app doesn’t provide appropriate coverage – unless you have auto insurance with accident benefits of your own – if you’re in an accident while you’re a passenger in an uninsured or under-insured taxi or rideshare automobile, you could be on the hook for various medical and liability costs until and if you’re able to recoup them through costly and time-consuming litigation.


Your taxi to Billy Bishop Airport will usually have no set price, meaning the fare meter will keep running even if you’re stuck in traffic or need to make a time-consuming detour due to unanticipated construction or road maintenance delays.

What’s more, if you request flat-fee pricing from your taxi for Billy Bishop Airport, the resulting quote will usually be inflated to ensure the driver gets the best of the situation, whether your journey to the Toronto Island Airport is smooth sailing or not.

Taking a Taxi to Billy Bishop Airport Could Reflect Poorly on Your Professionalism

In business, as in life, everything communicates, and arriving late, fumbling with your luggage or paying for your ride or taxi to Billy Bishop Airport while your colleagues or clients look on can signal that you’re unorganized, ill-prepared, and not to be trusted with business scenarios that demand attention to detail.

Roll up in one of Yorkville Limousine’s classic black Cadillac or Mercedes sedans with luxurious leather upholstery inside, or pick up your colleagues along the way and make the trip in a roomy SUV that’s loaded with amenities and enough space to conduct an impromptu morning brainstorming session. No one will ever question your authority again.

When your business trip is over and you’re on your way home, there’s no need to take a taxi from Billy Bishop Airport. Book a return trip with Yorkville Limo from the start, and we’ll be there waiting to usher you back to the office or home with the same elevated level of executive service you experienced earlier.

Don’t Settle for a Taxi to Billy Bishop AirportHire Yorkville Limo and Arrive on Time, On Budget and Looking Every Inch of the Professional You Are

Compared to all the concerns you’ll need to navigate in a taxi to Billy Bishop Airport, a Yorkville Limo is an easy choice for a safe and relaxing commute.

Our Billy Bishop limo drivers are professionally trained by experts who focus on providing the ultimate in customer safety, service and comfort with every ride. And because every Yorkville Limo is thoroughly detailed inside and out, both you and your luggage will arrive in spotless style. Best of all, there’s no guesswork regarding the cost of your trip. We won’t charge you extra if the car sits idle in traffic or your trip to the airport gets temporarily rerouted.

Don’t wait to reserve your Yorkville Limo to Billy Bishop Airport

Contact Us and experience the preparedness and elegance that executive transportation with Yorkville Limousine entails! We ensure that getting to and from Toronto’s busiest business airport is simple and stressless, so you arrive fresh and ready to tackle the day’s business.