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Differences Between an Executive Chauffeur & a Black Car Service

There are plenty of different ways to take a car to your destination if you don’t want to be the one driving. For average, everyday purposes, it’s not unusual for people to call on a taxi, or, for a cheaper alternative, Uber, the new ride-sharing service that lets people loan themselves and their cars out as “amateur taxis.”

However, those aren’t the only options, and some people prefer a premium experience. One pretty well-known alternative is the black car service, but another is known as the executive chauffeur service. Here’s where some confusion comes in. Both of them, on the surface, may appear to be the same thing, but there are actually some pretty crucial differences. What are they? Read on, as we explain.

Type of Vehicle


Here’s where the biggest difference lies between a black car service and a chauffeur service. With a black car service, you’ll get a black car, as the name suggests, but you don’t know what kind of black car, until the day arrives. The only thing you will know for sure is that it’s likely to be a town car of some sort, such as a four-door sedan.

A chauffeur service, on the other hand, has a fleet of available vehicles that you are able to choose from. So if you want a traditional limo, you can get that. However, if you want a stretch limo or even a Hummer that seats 20, it’s always an available choice on request. In addition, each car is professionally maintained at the company, so it’s always clean, fully stocked, supplied with beverages or even movies, and ready to go.

Driver Quality


The driver is another area where things vary a lot. A black car service is more focused on just keeping “warm bodies in the seat,” so there’s no special attention paid to drivers. As long as the drivers are valid license holders and are willing to work the hours, they get the job.

A chauffeur service, on the other hand, puts a premium on the drivers and their experience. These drivers are carefully vetted, receive additional training, and wear uniforms. In other words, they are there to provide a safe, premium experience where treating the customer right is just as important as driving to a destination safely.

The Company


There are also some pretty significant differences in the way a black car service and a chauffeur service organize their corporate structure and work methods. In a way, a black car service is like a “premium Uber.” It’s not unusual for black service drivers to own their vehicles. They are also responsible for maintaining them and have no specific dress code.


With a chauffeur service, everything is owned and operated by the company itself. So there’s more of an emphasis put on keeping vehicles pristine every time they’re sent out as well as ensuring the drivers put out a minimum standard of quality, attentiveness, and professionalism.

So if you want a high quality, premium driving experience, go for the chauffeur service!