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Common Myths about Limousine Services

It’s always a rare occasion when people are in their cars, or even walking down the street, and see a limousine cruising down the road. There’s immediate speculation about who’s inside, whether that person is famous or wealthy, or even questions about what important event is happening that requires a limousine for people to attend. Because of how rare and even mysterious the appearance of a limo can be, a lot of misconceptions—and even superstitions—about limousines have cropped up.

But we’re here to explain some of the hard facts and demystify this vehicle and the people who use them.

Myth 1 – Limousines Are Only for the Wealthy


This instance depends entirely on the usage of the vehicle itself. If you’re talking about someone who owns a limousine for personal use, with a full-time, dedicated chauffer to drive them exclusively, then yes, this myth would be true. But limousine services exist! And what’s more, a limousine company doesn’t cater solely to wealthy, individual clients.

Limousine services can even serve teenagers wanting a memorable prom, a bride and groom trying to make memories for a lifetime, and even business people or events. So, whether you want your wedding to have some transportation style or you’re trying to make a good impression on attendees of a PR event by providing limousine transport, a limo is an affordable option for anyone to use.

Myth 2 – Limousines Have No Performance


People usually see limousines in cities, most commonly dropping people off at big, important social events. So because of their association with proms, weddings, and awards ceremonies, many people believe that limousines are all show and no durability or performance.

However, that’s far from the case! A limousine can—and does—go the distance on highways, bringing people to airports, to other cities, and travelling sizable distances. Limousine companies invest in vehicles with hardware that is manufactured by reputable car companies and put a premium on reliability and performance. So, don’t make the error of thinking that a limo is only good for 100 km or less.

Myth 3 – The Limousine Company Only Makes Luxury Cars


This one is a surprising misconception, but it comes up again and again. A limousine company does not get its cars from the “Limousine Automobile Company.” Limousines are not a vehicle produced only by one company in the same way that other vehicles are. Instead, like a Lamborghini or McLaren, a limo describes a “class” of vehicle.

So, companies like Mercedes, Rolls Royce, and many others all produce limousine class vehicles. Even companies that you wouldn’t expect like General Motors create limos like the Hummer H2 stretch limo. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that limousine is a company; it’s actually just a designation for a type of car. Many of the most respected automobile corporations manufacture limos as well.


Just remember that while a limo may not be an everyday vehicle, it’s not out of reach! If you have a special occasion or a company need, look for a reputable limousine company to provide the vehicle and driver that completes your needs!