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6 Things To Pack In Your Limo To Toronto Airport

When you book a limo to Toronto airport, you’re operating in a different environment than if you rent a car or take a cab. This is riding in style and redefines the notion that getting there is half the fun. No matter where you’re going, there are some great items to take with you to make getting there a blast!


Even though your phone may include a perfectly serviceable camera, sometimes having a backup “expendable” camera that you don’t have to worry about smashing, is perfect. Riding in a limo to Toronto airport is all about enjoying the moment itself, as you snap a memory or two for fun. If you’re really into keeping the moment alive, bring a small video camera so you can take in the sights. Whether your trip is just starting or drawing to a close, some scenery and celebration is great to capture on video.


No one ever said you had to go to the airport by yourself! When you bring friends in your limo to Toronto airport, you bring the fun and support of people who care about you. Having fun in a group is even better than doing so alone. You and your friends can reminisce, point to fun things to do in town or maybe even play a quick party game. Riding in luxury with a group of friends can make getting caught in traffic the best time to be enjoyed.

Your Playlist

Music is what makes a limo to Toronto airport even more fun than riding in silence. While the driver may have great musical tastes, you might not share them or be in the same mood. When heading to the airport in your limo, it’s important to think ahead and bring a mix or two that you’d love to listen to on the trip there. With a great mix blasting, your fun ride becomes even better.


Nothing adds to the celebration in your limo ride quite like a tasty drink or two. Since limos usually have a mini fridge in them, you can keep your drink cool if your ride takes awhile and not worry too much. Since the airport usually doesn’t allow drinks on the plane, you can “warm up” on the way without worrying about being too tipsy to drive. Even if you never touch any drinks stronger than carrot juice, bringing something to sip on can make the trip go that much more enjoyably. There’s no sense being parched on your way to the terminal.


Bubble solution and something to blow them with might not immediately spring to mind when you’re getting ready for your limo ride, but why not? Particularly, if you’re getting a limo with a sunroof, having some bubbles to play while interacting with the outside world can b e a lot of fun.

Snack Food

Your trip to the airport might take awhile, and airplanes aren’t known for having the best food or the most flexible eating times. That’s why you might as well bring something tasty to nibble on while you head to the airport. Especially if you have friends and drinks on-hand, having something to eat on your trip adds that much more to the party atmosphere of your pre-trip trip.

Renting a limo for your trip to the airport is easy. Just contact us today, and we’ll work out the logistics.