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5 Reasons to Choose an Airport Limo Instead of an Uber

These days, a popular choice for going to the airport is Uber, the new “ride sharing” concept that allows ordinary Canadians to hire themselves and their cars out as “amateur taxis.” It seems like the only reasonable solution, but is it? Is choosing to go with Uber really a better idea than using an airport limousine? Let’s take a closer look.

Uber Gives You No Choice


When you use your app to get an Uber driver, you have zero control over the final outcome. Whether you’re trying to schedule a drive several days ahead of schedule, or trying to get one an hour before you need to leave, you don’t know what you’re going to end up with. If you or your family have a lot of luggage, this can even impact your ability to bring everything to the airport!

With an airport limo, you will always get exactly what you need. Even when you’re bringing a lot of baggage, the trunk space will be there. If you want a bigger car for more passengers, you can specify that and even get a stretch airport limo if you truly need it.

More Training


When you get an Uber driver, you’re getting someone who may be friendly, unfriendly, talkative or silent. When you choose to travel in an airport limousine, you’re getting someone who has already been professionally trained, both as a driver and as assistant to you while on your journey. You don’t just get the general courtesy of a stranger, you get professional courtesy, and all of it is certified and verifiable through company training.

More Security


For some people, perhaps the most significant difference between Uber and choosing an airport limo is the peace of mind. A professional driver is someone who is registered, trained, on record and “on the clock.” A company has vetted them, and there’s the full, legal weight of corporate and insurance protection should anything happen.

With an Uber driver, it’s sad to say, but sometimes a driver isn’t safe. Uber doesn’t exercise the same rigorous, professional safety standards as a long-established airport limo service. And, unfortunately, crimes, such as assault, sexual abuse, and even traffic accidents due to poor driving and negligence on the road, can occur. Uber doesn’t use background checks to ensure a driver is safe.

Support a Local Business


When you choose Uber, you’re paying a driver, but you’re also paying a big, multi-national corporation with no stake in your city’s or country’s economic welfare. When you go with an airport limousine, however, your choice is 100% local. You’re contributing to your own local economy.

Better Style


If you want to go to the airport and start your trip off right, then you should do it in style. An airport limo is a great, spacious, comfortable way to get to your destination. It’s stressful enough trying to coordinate something like a trip, so you may as well get off to a good start!