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4 Ways To Know You’ve Hired The Best Limo Service In Toronto

Toronto’s glittering skyline and even more glittering multicultural population is best enjoyed to the taste of bubbles and the extravagance of a stretch limousine.  If you value the finer things in life, you’ll need to find the best limo service in Toronto. One that takes your concierge service as seriously as it does the versatility of the stock in your wet bar. Here’s how you know you’ve hired the best limo service in Toronto:


Your limo should reflect your personality and unique needs. If you’re a bold and boisterous celebrity, a stretch Hummer will serve you better than an executive coach. If subtle elegance is more to your taste, a vintage Rolls Royce will fit you as well as a bespoke suit. Corporate team building won’t work in an eight-passenger vehicle. A limo bus will do a better job. A limo service that treats its fleet with pride will find precisely the vehicle for your requirements. If their fleet is sizable and its service levels equally wide-ranging, you’ve found the best limo service in Toronto.

The Ever-Evolving Vehicle

No limo should stop evolving the second it rolls off production lines. Customization has become a core part of the industry. A service that delights in its fleet pours a great deal of thought and care into its vehicles so that every element is perfect.  Everything from fiber optic lighting to vertically opening doors is possible, so why settle for a limo service with a limited, un-customized fleet?

Service Excellence

You know you’ve found the best limo service in Toronto if it takes its chauffeurs seriously. Your driver should be educated in the etiquette and service standards of the luxury sector. Thoughtfulness and care are equally important. It’s only with these character traits that your chauffeur will be able to advise you on Toronto’s most interesting destinations and support your corporate needs as you move through your work day.

Service excellence is as much about qualifications as it is about knowledge. Whether you’re doing a gastronomic tour or are using your limo as the venue for a party, our chauffeurs will support your trip conscientiously. They’ll have your dry cleaning ready when you wake up and ensure that you have everything you need to keep your guests in a festive mood.

A driver doesn’t simply become a chauffeur. It takes technical knowledge and extreme skill to provide this level of service. Your drivers will have the certifications needed to establish their competence both as service providers and licensed drivers of restricted vehicles. You shouldn’t have to think about technicalities like that. You’re hiring a limo for the extravagance, after all, so your service must have a reputation as established as ours.

It’s the Little Things

The word ‘concierge’ has evolved as much as the limo industry has over the last decade. Today’s services cater not only to your needs, but your whims, as well. We’ll arrange your dinners and trips, know which tailor to suggest to do those last-minute tasks, and we’re connected enough to ensure you only experience the best side of Toronto. Luxury lives in the details: the ‘just-so’ temperature of your bourbon, the perfect timing of your driver, and the gleaming polish of your vehicle’s exterior. We’ll make sure you arrive on time, safely, and discreetly. When you hire a limo, you’re hiring a driver who takes all your values and needs on board as though they’re his own. Your priorities become our responsibility. Anything less simply won’t do.

We’ll make sure you feel utterly pampered in every possible way. If you’re ready to experience the city the lavish way, call the best limo service in Toronto today.