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4 Reasons Why Stretch Hummers Are So Great

It’s hard to ignore the powerful presence of the lavish stretch Hummer as it cruises down the road or drives by you on the highway. Laughing passengers en-route to their prom night, wedding gala or big-time birthday bash are a sight to behold while seated in the attention-grabbing Hummer. Not only do you feel like ultimate royalty when riding inside one, but there are many other reasons why stretch Hummers are a most-popular limo choice.

Take Passengers Anywhere

It’s not a big secret that the edgy Hummer is a rough-terrain, high performance vehicle. Built with all-wheel drive and enhanced suspension, Hummers always make the perfect off-roading choice. Now, put that into a luxury limousine, and you’ve got a stretch Hummer that can take your excited passengers practically anywhere with no problem. From remote-area weddings and concert venues to driving to the downtown opera, stretch Hummers are your go-to vehicle for luxury and road flexibility.

Ultimate Eyecatcher

Even though the stretch limousine is always a welcome sight on the road, they just aren’t quite as unique or eye-catching as they used to be. Since the stretch limo has been around decades, and is also more accessible in terms of fleet availability, people aren’t as surprised or impressed when they see one. On the other hand, the stretch Hummer is still fairly new on the scene and they’re often reserved for special events that require that extra pizzazz. Add in its modern chrome trim, athletic-looking wheels and sharp white or midnight black exterior and you have your ultimate eyecatcher.

Superior Amenities

As soon as you slide inside a spacious, luxurious stretch Hummer, your senses are delighted by the extra-high rooftop (perfect for dancing to your favorite music), its fiber optic lighting, surround sound system and mirrored ceiling with cutting-edge lighting system sure to keep your party in high-gear all night long. Along with advanced air conditioning and climate control systems, the in-demand stretch Hummer also boasts ultra-comfortable leather upholstery and deluxe front and rear seating areas.

Powerful Performance

Since Hummers are made to perform excellently on all kinds of terrain, they make bumpy city streets, off-beat country rounds and construction-infested detours feel smooth and seamless to navigate on and around. When you’ve got a V8 engine and 325 horsepower carrying your party to your special celebration or destination, you never have to worry about a sluggish, unenjoyable ride. Ready to book a stretch Hummer for your next event? Contact us!