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3 Things Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Transportation

When there’s a wedding to be planned, many couples look at it as the first important—and happiest—moment in their new lives together. That means that there’s a lot of planning that needs to be done to ensure the day goes by smoothly. And while it’s not at the top of the list, transportation is going to be a critical factor in the day because you need to move your wedding party from venue to venue.

For most, your ride is essential to the day going smoothly. So if you’re looking for a wedding limousine to be a part of the festivities on the day, here are a few important considerations you need to keep in mind.

Are There Other Guests to Think About?


Some people may think that only the happy couple need a wedding limo to take them from the ceremony to the reception and that’s it. Others, however, may want to ensure that family members, close friends, or, in some instances, every invited guest gets taken care of in a stylish, comfortable manner on the day.

That means that you may want a stretch wedding limo for yourself, spouse and immediate family members. Or even a Hummer wedding limousine for the couple and 18 other close wedding guests. You may even want a “party bus” or three for all the guests, to ensure that everybody arrives where they are supposed to be.

Six Months to Be Safe


Most people aren’t going to be planning for a wedding to be held next week, and they’ll set their date for a year, sometimes more, away to be safe. This timeline should give you plenty of time to plan for everything, including securing a wedding limousine. So when the time comes, you should give yourself plenty of leeway.

Early research and booking are important, especially if you’re planning your wedding to take place during a busy season like summer. Don’t leave this until the last month. At the absolute minimum, you shouldn’t try to book any later than three months before the date, but to be safe, you should be giving yourself at least six months to get a wedding limo. Taking your time on this could mean none are available on the day you need it.

Plan Your Timing


Take the time to think about how the day will go. Do you also want to have pictures taken at some picturesque venue? Do you have enough time for people to get from the wedding ceremony site to the reception venue or any other destinations you might have planned? Have you taken traffic into account for your schedule, to allow for possible delays?


Take these different factors into account when securing a wedding limo. You want the day to go as smoothly as possible, and do to that, you need to plan for things not always going according to plan, and have contingencies available. If you can find a good, reputable wedding limousine company to be there for you on the day, that’s one less headache!