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5 Reasons to Book a Limousine Bus for Prom

Prom is a special occasion for every teenager. As a parent, you’ll definitely want to make it memorable one. Booking a limousine bus is a wonderful opportunity that comes with an array of very important benefits. Here are five key advantages.


The first and most important concern when it comes to proms is safety.

A limousine bus will be driven by an experienced chauffeur who’ll take the students to the prom site and make sure that they’ve arrived home safely by the end of the night. Every parent will put this benefit on top of the list.

Teens can have fun without a single worry – none of them will have to drive home late in the night.

A Lot of Fun

A limousine bus offers the most memorable commuting experience. It has a luxurious interior that’s conductive of having a good time in the beginning of the evening and long after the prom has ended.

The interior is spacious enough and refreshments will usually be offered en route. Teens can chat, sing and dance while awaiting the arrival to their final destination.

Making an Entrance

Prom is an opportunity for teens to celebrate their accomplishments and to enjoy the end of the school year with friends. The dresses, the shoes, the hairstyles and the jewellery all matter.

A limousine bus will allow a group of friends to make the most impressive entrance ever. Their arrival will be remembered for years to come. Even the most luxurious of cars don’t compare to a limo bus. It’s a symbol of rock star status.


Many parents worry that a limousine bus will be too expensive to book for the prom of their kids. This doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, a limo bus is one of the most cost-efficient possibilities for getting teens to the prom.

A high-quality party or limo bus can fit 32 people and luggage. This is an entire graduating class. Parents can easily come to the agreement to pay for the experience. When the cost of booking a limousine bus is split between all of the parents, they’ll be left contributing a small sum to the overall amount.

Don’t forget the fact that the party bus comes with the services of a professional chauffeur. The experience of this professional is factored into the cost of the entire experience.

Door to Door Service

Limousine buses offer door to door services. The students that will be going to prom can either gather in the same place or they’ll be picked from their specific address.

This characteristic of the service adds to its convenience and it’s one more way in which the safety of graduating teens will be guaranteed.

Once the prom is over, all the teenagers will be taken back home safely to share memories of the night with their parents.

While these are the most important benefits of the limo bus, they’re certainly not the only ones. It allows teens to see the beauty of the city at night while waiting to reach the prom destination. There could be additional entertainment options included in the package – music, multimedia, etc. The range of onboard amenities can be quite diversified – from phone connectivity to state-of-the-art audio visual systems.

Getting to the party in style has never been easier and safer. All that you have to do is choose the right service and get ready for an extraordinary night. Looking to book your limo prom bus today? Contact Yorkville Limousine.